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3 TED speakers about design

Although I have time break from being a graphic designer, I still love design and branding. Here is my guilty pleasure – TED talks about design:

1. Yves Behar – Designing objects that tell stories

How to design a 100$ computer for kids, that doesn’t look like a toy? Here is the story of its designer Yves Behar.


2. Paula Scher – Great design is serious, not solemn

Great Paula Scher shows that actually having fun while work is important! Do you what to know how working with client looks? Here, among others, you hear the story of how Citi bank logo was designed.


3. Chip Kidd – The Hilarious Art of Book Design

Last but not least, stories of great designer Chip Kidd. I enjoyed watching these two talks; not only they are interesting but also funny. Do you want to know who stands behind Jurassic park logo? Just watch it!

Chip Kidd – The art of first impressions — in design and life


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