3 TED talks for your company

A couple of months ago I established my jewellery brand PERKA design and hired myself in PR, marketing, sales and a couple of other departments. With no experience and knowledge, I had to learn a lot and I still have to. To prepare myself better, I watched a lot TED talks given by professionals from all over the world. Here are my favourite ones:

1.How to get your ideas to spread – Seth Godin
From this talk, you will know for instance what is otaku and why is it important for your company.

2.The Surprising Science of Happiness Dan Gilbert

Happiness and being an entrepreneur? No, I’m not thinking about being so happy that you do what you dream to do 🙂 For us who has clients it’s important to satisfy them and make them happy. Here science helps. For example, people who have the freedom to change the decision they make, in time tend to like their choice less than they did when they first made it. On the other hand those who don’t have the freedom to change, like their choice even more in time.

3. Why it’s time to forget the pecking order at work – Margaret Heffernan
What chickens may say about how we can work better? Here you understand that being super is not always the best!



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