Istanbul, mosque, night

My 3 big cities

1. Warsaw – I spent 8 years in the capital of Poland. I lived there: studied, worked, partied and made friends. There also I started making jewellery.
Warsaw, while probably isn’t the prettiest city in Poland to visit, definitely has a soul. It’s full of scars, marks left by history. It changed a lot since when I first moved in. Became prettier, more developed and more international 🙂 It’s a big city, it has a lot to offer: for example nice museums (like Warsaw Rising Musem), theaters, shops, clubs but at the same time it is not so busy (with what Poles will disagree) – I allowed myself to say that because I compare Warsaw in that sense to another city from this list. Do you like history and want to visit Poland? Warsaw has to be on your trip path!

2. Amsterdam – At the and of 2014 we moved to Amsterdam. After 8 months I still love this city, and probably I won’t stop. Why? Because it’s small, easy going, but still you have access to everything. There are two things in this place which I totally love: unlimited beauty and bikes with bikes paths.

3. Istanbul – Istanbul is the biggest city from this list, for us tourists it is a gateway to Turkey and further Asia. But why is it in this list? I can blame my boyfriend for it, who comes from this majestic place. Thanks to him I spend a lot of time in Istanbul every now and then and I had a chance to explore it as a local person. Istanbul is beautiful, very diverse and extremely huge, it’s the only city which spans two continents. Definitely worth seeing, with stunning architecture, extremely delicious food (you will read more about Turkish cuisine on this blog), it’s a place where two worlds of east and west meet.


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