Young designers. Tulle skirt.

As a designer and crafter, it is important for me to wear clothes from other young designers. I know what passion and commitment they put to make their clothes or accessories. It’s not only an item from a shop, but it contains a part of the soul of the designer. I know that every purchase is like fuel for their passion. What about price? So sometimes, they are more expensive but it’s because for instance they are made in Europe respecting rights of employees and using better materials.

For a really long time, I’ve been in need of perfect tulle skirt, so when I found one I had to purchase it. When I finalised the transaction I was looking forward to receiving my dream skirt. It’s designed and made in Poland by Freeshion, what makes me very glad because it’s a fair trade.

Finally, it arrived; it was safely packed, which is very important for this kind of material. I wore it immediately and I totally fall in love 🙂

Jewellery by PERKA design


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