My top 3 birthday gifts

It’s the end of September, for me it is time to celebrate my next birthday. Because of this I wanted to share my top 3 the best / the most memorable gifts:

3. Saw – one of my favourite tools, very nice and extremely useful tool. Without it I would not able to do my jewellery – it’s a gift from myself 🙂


2. Torch – another extremely important gift without which I could not work and make my jewellery – the gift from my brother and his wife.


1. This one is not connected with my job but another big passion – sport – more precisely volleyball. One year ago I received tickets to volleyball games that took place in Łódź, Poland during Men’s World Championship. I had the honor to witness my team win two games during second round (ticket to finals were already sold at that time 😦 But yes, we won finals as well ! :))

I have to mention that during this wonderful weekend in Łódź we stayed in a very nice hotel called “Stare Kino“(means old cinema). It’s a beautiful place with a soul, where every room is different and every floor is made in the style of a different epoch.

Poles love volleyball and have a lot of fun during matches, all these 10 000 people supported our team as much they can.

1 2 3 4



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