Wearable geometry

I adore and respect work of other designers. Usually their designs have better quality, are made according to fair rules of trade and, what I like the most, are really unique. It’s not like that I buy only from designers, no, but when I can, I willingly choose things from them. As the first thing I bought from a young designer in Amsterdam, I chose blouse from talented Fenny Faber.

Fenny Faber started her own brand, labeled with her name, in 2008 in Utrecht. Her designs are known for their minimalism, simplicity and, what I like the most, geometrical approach. Besides this, my top was made in The Netherlands, the quality of the finish and material is very good. I totally love that Fenny played with the material to make an unusual and simple design. She just used the texture of the fabric, it looks amazing! The one thing what I was concerned with while purchasing this blouse was that it is made from 45% wool (the other 55% is polyester). My skin is very sensitive and the first time I wore it I felt the material, but after some time I got used to and now, don’t feel it at all 🙂

This absolute beauty is in two colours, gray and dark emerald. You can find this blouse and other amazing designs by Fenny Faber, for instance, in DRAAGBAAR boutique.

Jewellery: necklace, earrings, ring

Special thanks to my guest photographers Buket Biricik and İsmet Can Koltuk for these nice shots.


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