One-day trip into jungle

6th day: Day-long trip to jungle (Khao Sok National Park)

Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok National Park together with other neighbouring parks forms the largest tract of virgin rainforest in southern Thailand, which remained unchanged through the Ice Ages and dates back 160 million years. The park is famous for its beautiful limestone peaks, numerous waterfalls, and caves.

Elephants, tigers, bears, tapirs, gibbons, monkeys (we saw long-tailed macaques and dusky leaf monkeys) and wild boars (we found trails of) are found in the park, along with over 300 species of birds including hornbills.

Khao Sok National Park: long tailed macaque
Khao Sok National Park: long -tailed macaque

There is also a wide range of interesting flora, including the rare Rafflesia kerri (the biggest flower on the world, we were too early to witness its blossoming) and orchids (which grow up on trees so I couldn’t spot them). It is easy to notice (especially near water) beautiful and colorful butterflies of varying sizes in the park. When we heard a very loud horn-like sound in the middle of the forest, we were surprised to hear that a small insect called “Cicada” is responsible for this music. After tiring tracking, it’s perfect and refreshing to swim in cold waters of the river. On our way back we met a family of macaques, which are not shy and let you take photos of them. Meeting free animals in their natural home is one of the most delightful experiences.

The trip was organized and guided by the owner of the resort where we stayed (price 1200 Baht p. p. plus national park entrance fee of 300 Baht p.p.).

We came back around 16 p.m. and it was the time to move farther towards Khao Lak.


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