Phuket Town and Durian

11th day – Phuket Town

The day before (10th day) we arrived from Similan Islands through Khao Lak to Phuket’s Kata beach. After a stormy evening, our first day in Phuket was cloudy so we decided to leave the touristic side of Kata beach and head to Phuket Town.

Phuket and Phuket Town:
Phuket is the largest island of Thailand where tourism is the major earner. Plenty of beaches, warm water, thousand of attractions and vibrant nightlife are the reason standing behind the popularity of the island. Phuket Town is the main center of non-touristic life of the island. That’s why, looking for a real Thai experience, we decided to visit the town.
You can get to Phuket town by a taxi or tuk-tuk for several hundred bahts (depending on where you are – from Kata it was 500 THB), or by public transport (blue buses) for only 35 Baht p.p. Although on the map it doesn’t look far, the journey takes 1 hour (time varies depending on traffic) but still we enjoyed it very much. The town is not vast and all the attractions are in walking distance. When we left the bus (in town center, around the traffic circle), we went straight to tourist information, grabbed a map and walked around. On our way, we found (behind the school, next to Wat Mongkol Nimit) food court, probably for kids and their parents. There we ate delicious snacks and screws for 5 THB only (the cheapest I’ve seen in Thailand). After this, we found a bazaar and bought Durian fruit. I was not aware of Durian‘s character at all, for me it looked like a nice new fruit. Later we found out that it smells terrible. Now I know why it is sold in packaging. It would not be a full experience unless I tried it, so despite the horrible smell I took a bite. Taste was OK, dragon fruit is better though 🙂
We took the last bus back to our hotel, which departs from Phuket town at 6 p.m.


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