Phuket – Discover Scuba Diving

12th day – Discover Scuba Diving – Racha Noi and Racha Yai

Scuba diving was our must-do thing during this trip. For our first experience with the underwater world, we decided to choose to discover scuba diving program from one of Phuket’s diving schools. It’s important to choose a school with PADI certificate which proves the proficiency of the school. We did research earlier at home and we chose one which suited us perfectly. Discover scuba diving takes a whole day (approx. from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), during this time you have 3 dives, it is just enough for newbies. Because diving near Phi Phi was booked in our diving school we decided to take the option around islands Racha Noi and Racha Yai. Before diving we had some theoretical lesson from our Diving Master, it very important for your health to learn all the information he passes on to you in this theoretical lesson.

My first dive was a disaster, maybe because everything that you do above weather is completely opposite to what you do when you are under. You are not a fish 😦 One of the worst feelings was inhaling dry air through the mouth. Another point, in order not to not feel pain in ears or injure them you should equalize pressure in them before you need to do it or before you feel the pain. The last thing:  don’t be too scared and try enjoying it. My first dive was so terrible, that even my boyfriend thought that maybe it’s not for me… But I cannot give up things only because I’m too afraid of doing them. I wanted to see the beautiful underwater world. Fighting my fears, I completely enjoyed my last 2 dives. It was amazing to experience and I want more! Still, although we found Nemo and so amazing octopus – she changes colors so fast – my dream is to dive with turtles and sharks. Still adventure is waiting for me! Maybe in the Caribbean…

Have in mind that diving is not weather resistant and visibility or even places of dives may change during your trip. Captain of the ship decided where is the safest and the best place for the dive.

After diving, it was time for the meal. Just next to our hotel on Kata beach there was this nice girl with her street food cart. We enjoyed fresh meat (20 Baht) and seafood (100 Baht) skewers.



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