Elephant Nature Park – No riding, No shows – Just Love

15th day – Kanchanaburi – Elephant Nature Park

It was our last big day in Thailand, very special day which we spent with 6 beautiful female elephants in Elephant Nature Park.

Elephant Nature Park is an extraordinary project started in Chang Mai in 1990’s. From the beginning, this sanctuary provides a shelter and care of elephants which were abused for instance in the tourism industry.

No riding, No shows – Just Love.
In 2015 around 30 million tourists visited beautiful Thailand.  Just to please tourists, Thai provide countless number of attractions. Some of them, of course, entail presence of elephants. But do tourists care if these magnificent animals are treated well?

From the beginning. Most of the elephants which are in tourism industry today were taken from their home – jungle – when they were still babies. Elephants have very specific and strong “soul” which has to be broken by for instance being kept in a hole in the ground for days. If it’s not torture, then what is it? Moreover, back of an elephant is not adjusted to carry heavy things, for sure not 2 people and the chair. One day of hiking on elephants back in high temperature (usually these animals are not appropriately taken care of) costs much more than you think.

Branch of Elephant Nature Park in Kanchanaburi used to be a place where elephants were working for tourists, but now it’s changed and you are there for them. You prepare food for them, have a possibility to meet and get to know more about them. After an introduction, you have a walk with them and watch them have pleasure in their natural environment. Mud bath and river bath are also included, just come and see how these stunning animals are happy for being free. Free as much it is possible in their situation. It is impossible to take an elephant back to its natural home once it is take from there. That’s why they will have to stay whole their life in captivity. But thanks to places like that rest of their life can be much better.

Practical information:
Sanctuary is situated near Kanchanaburi (a 0bout half an hour from the city), a car from ENP takes you from the bus station. There, lunch is provided. Take with you mosquito repellent, sun lotion and clothes for changing (you may wash elephants in the water) It costs 2500 Baht p.p. Around 16.00 you are taken back by to Kanchanaburi bus station by ENP bus from where buses depart to Bangkok (100 Baht p.p.).

Our opinion?
We just loved it! It was a very nice adventure and, and it was awesome to have the possibility to spend a fruitful day among free elephants, what to want more?


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