When the scammer calls

I run small jewellery company where I design and craft limited collections, I don’t use diamonds or gold so how come can I be a target of a scam?

At the begging of the year, I received a discount coupon from Google Adwords. Promotion looked interesting so I decided to use the coupon and run my first campaign ads in Google. Just during a first working day of running my campaign, I received a phone call (French phone number). The man who called wanted to buy jewellery from me, ok I can believe in it but… when he said for how much, yes almost immediately without any business details, he just said that he has a client who wants to buy jewellery from me for about 30 000 – 50 000 euros. According to him, my company was chosen among two: my – dutch and a Cyprian company. Wow, what an honour! Because reception was quite bad, I was not sure if I heard properly, so I asked for an e-mail with details. Hmm… I’ve never received it. I was truly convinced that this person will not call me any more, I was totally skeptic and I didn’t sound like a caught bait. But, to my surprise, I received a second phone call from the same person. This time, I was asked if I can accept money without giving an invoice. Aha, Here I have you! I said that I have to consult this with my account and I hung up. The phone remained calm.

Probably, scammers use some bots which look for companies, they even don’t check the company they just call. I wasn’t in their target group but they seem not to check my website. What I can suspect, they fish jewellery companies, which want to “sell” them jewellery for 50 000 euros, the company may send them this jewellery without any agreement and payment in advance. You send it and probably lose it. I’m even more amazed that actually some people bust buy this, otherwise, scammers would not do this.

What to do is doing business in a legal way with trusted partners and not definitely with unknown people from phone!


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