Pasta with cream sauce

Pasta with cream sauce with champignons and bacon

I love pasta, it’s simply delicious and easy to do. I usually combine it with cream sauces. Check my latest delicious combination of ingredients which I found in my fridge.


Ingredients (for 4 portions):

  • Pasta – around 350 grams
  • Sweet cream (30%) – around 150 ml
  • Half of a medium sized onion
  • Chopped bacon – 150 gr
  • Dry tomatoes – around 4 pieces
  • Champignons – around 6
  • Parsley – around 30 grams
  • Salt and pepper
  • Coconut oil
  • Cheese flakes or just grated cheese


  • cutting board, knife, spoon
  • big kettle
  • frying pan or wok (which I willingly use) with a lid


Pasta: Boil water for pasta (add salt to water). Cook pasta until it is in the form you like it. Make sure pasta is cooked after sauce is done. The sauce can wait for pasta but not the other way round!

Sauce: For cooking use small or medium fire.
Heat some coconut oil (or any other oil you prefer. I use coconut oil because is healthy, it doesn’t give much taste of coconut to food). Chop the onion, add onion to hot oil and mix until you make it transparent (don’t burn it).
Add chopped bacon (I buy chopped bacon), mix & cook it for a while (let the fat melt).
Meanwhile, chop tomatoes. Add and mix them.
Chop champignons. Add and mix them.
Let the champignons shrink (cook for around 5 minutes under the lid)
Add cream and mix. Cook for some time. While cooking chop the parsley. Mix sauce from time to time.
Just before pasta is done, add parsley, some salt (not too much, even nothing if you prefer, note that bacon is usually salty) and pepper to the sauce and mix them all.
Cook everything for half a minute more, so that parsley will shrink in size a bit.
Add filtered out pasta to the sauce and mix them all.

Serve it with your favourite cheese, I use cheese flakes, Grana Padano cheese will taste here delicious too.



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