All the best in watercolor

Some time ago I’ve reached for watercolor paints. Why these ones? I just adore their gentle look and the beautiful colors. Last time I used them while still attending school, so I admit that I was a newbie in this type of art. In general, I don’t paint and draw, my head and an imagination is the sketchbook of my jewelry designs. I decided to be on budget at first, to see if I like it. I bought cheap paints (for kids) and some paper (150 gr is not enough) and I started painting.

At first, I didn’t like what I was creating that much, but in time and thanks to lessons of watercolor artists from YouTube, I started improving my art. I totally fall in love in watercolor so I decided to buy paint for serious learners at an art shop and two professional brushes and some real paper :). The goal was to paint a flower which I could use for my friend’s wedding invitation. I managed to paint beautiful floral pattern and she loved it!

I enjoy painting flowers and lately butterflies – most important, these subjects are colorful.

If you like how watercolor looks, don’t be afraid of trying them. With some practice, you may craft something really nice!
And I recommend YouTube for some free lessons of almost everything!

If you like my cards please visit my Etsy shop RozaAquarel or boutique Draagbaar in Amsterdam.

Watercolor giftcard
Watercolor gift card
Watercolor giftcard
Watercolor gift card
Watercolor giftcard
Watercolor gift card

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