Lux products vs ecology

Recently I purchased 3 makeup brushes by Zoeva, I knew that their products are good quality, the only problem I had was to choose appropriate brushes. The task of choosing was not easy because I wanted to buy brushes from Rose Golden collection which doesn’t cover all regular Zoeva brushes. All my brushes were black, it was time for something else. When I finally clicked ‘pay’ button, I could hardly wait for the shipment.


After few days, I received quite a big box, I knew what was inside, but I was surprised with the size of the parcel.
Everything was nicely packed, covered with decorative paper and double bubble-wrap protection. I see what Zoeva wants to achieve by packing like that but my first question was “is it really necessary?”. More than “wow” effect I felt amused by it. Do brands really have to show so much that they are  (or pretending to be) luxurious brands by treating their products like The Princess and the Pea? I can understand that experience of delivery, packaging, and safety of the product are crucial in running a business, especially when your clients are women who like pretty things, I know, I run my business too.

But is it not too much?


I also look at this topic from a different point of view – ecological. The packet was delivered by a courier, whose truck has a limited capacity. Bigger packages take more space, what leads to more trucks being dispatched which in turn increase the number of vehicles on the roads. The more vehicles, the less road safety and the bigger fuel consumption. The bigger the box, the more paper gets used, the more paper – the less trees on the planet.
The brushes look great by the way, their pink boxes are amazing too, but do they really need this big empty space around them only to make us feel special? I don’t think so, it’s task of the brush and they do it perfectly.

What about brushes? I used them couple of times so far and I enjoyed the experience of making eye makeup with them. I’m really happy with wing liner brush which makes the job of drawing a line much easier and quicker, which is important for a newbie in eye liners area and an owner of hooded eyes.

I also appreciate that the founder of Zoeva brand, Zoe Boikou declared as the highest goal “helping every woman to discover her individual beauty”.

Zoeva_brush_317_221_210_1 Zoeva_brush_317_221_210_3 Zoeva_brush_317_221_210_4 Zoeva_brush_317_221_210_5 Zoeva_brush_317_221_210_6

The photos were taken after unpacking. Of course, brushs were packed much better.



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