Shopping haul – Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the cities which visit quite often. I already visited major tourist destinations so during this trip we were mostly avoiding them. In this post, I will focus on what I managed to bring from this beautiful country.

– Do you love Nutella? If yes try Sarelle, in my opinion, is much better! and it’s more nutty taste. Producers use all biological ingredients.

Spices – pepper, cumin, kekik, cranberries – I add them almost to every dish I cook.
Nuts – hazelnuts – only from Black sea region, peanuts, almonds, pistachios – I prefer Turkish pistachios in ice creams… definitely try them.
Handmade knife – For some time, I was dreaming about real chef knife. When I started reading about knives I end up on the page of expensive handmade Japanese knives. But I’m not a real chef, I don’t need so expensive tools, I won’t be able to appreciate them. Then I remembered about Turkish brand of knives from which we have a lot of small knives. We checked their website and they make a couple of chef knives. We chose the one we like, and after 2 days we received it. This knife was made especially for us, the handle is made of Indian rose tree – it was the last piece of this wood the company had, we were lucky 🙂 Knife? It is magnificent, cuts wonderfully and if I need a mirror I can use it as such. Cost: 200 TRY

Handmade chef knifeHandmade chef knife

– Boho top – ideal for summer – I bought it from a Turkish bazaar for 20 TRY


Shoes – In The Netherlands shoes are pricey, especially leather ones because I needed a new pair for my friend’s wedding I decided to buy them in Turkey. We choose widely known Turkish brand – Derimod. We used the occasion and bought the second pair for my boyfriend with 30%diccoucnt. Heels cost: 222 TRY


Scarfs – I have the rule, “I don’t leave Turkey without a scarf” and I didn’t. I’m addicted to this accessory that’s why I left with 3 of them 🙂 Cost: 5-7 TRY per piece, made of cotton.

szalik3a szalik3 szalik1aszalik1szalik2aszalik2

Jewellery by PERKA design


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