Details of Istanbul

I was a couple of weeks ago in a beautiful city – Istanbul. I came back to The Netherlands via Ataturk Airport two days before the terrorist attack on it’s international terminal. It’s sad that people living in so amazing city have to learn how to live with so great danger. Because of safety reasons we were omitting the most touristic places, although we visited one – Basilica Cistern. I was there 4 years ago, during my first trip to Istanbul and I wanted to see it again.

Rest of the photos were taken in Gülhane Park (park in the historic peninsula) and on the Asian side. Please enjoy the details and panorama of Istanbul. Note that Istanbul has a lot of amazing viewpoints, there’s no way to show them all, the best way is to find a nice cafe and enjoy the beauty of Istanbul.

Why will you not find here photos of food or bazaars? Because Turkish cuisine deserves a separate post – definitely a couple of them!

Basilica Cistern gulhane2 gulhane3 gulhane4 Kadikoy madenstower sunset---Istanbul


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