TOP 5 – polish cosmetics

Poland has a lot to offer, a lot I miss after moving out. One of them are the cosmetics. We have plenty of brands producing colorful and body care cosmetics. In this post, I will focus on great polish makeup cosmetics. Either you are travelling to Poland or you are the foreigner living there give a try and check some our brands and their products.

1. Contouring/ sculpting powder nr 505 – Inglot

My first choice it’s absolutely hit, if I see something from polish cosmetics on foreign YouTube is the Inglot brand and their contouring powder with number 505 from freedom system. It’s perfect powder, in a colour of shadow – not to brown or orange, which suits to a lot of tones of skin. I love it also for its price and that I can use it in the big pallet – I like having everything in one place – the advantage of Inglot’s freedom system.
Inglot is easy to find in Poland, look for their flag stores or islands in shopping malls.



2. Pigments – KOBO Professional

I love loose eyeshadows nad pigments. They are perfect on the whole lid as well as eyeliner. KOBO doesn’t have a crazy selection of colours but they cover the basics – gold, silver (pure pearl pigments). It’s possible to find a “crazy” colour – my collection consists of beautiful deep blue. The best in their simplicity is that u can mix them and make new shades 🙂 You can buy KOBO’s products only in Natura drugstores. Cost per one – around 10 PLN

DSC_0644 431

3. Duraline – Inglot

Duraline is a perfect cosmetic for pigments lover – it means for me too! It makes them waterproof, easy to apply and powers the colour. I use it as an eyeliner after mixing with pigment. If you have dried eyeliner or mascara use some drops of Duraline – should help. Another advantage of this cosmetic is last for long. I used Durilne to mix with blue pigment and made the line from photo above.


4. Lip gloss – Lip Sensation nr 5 – Wibo

A very nice lip gloss in a colour which easily suit to everybody and for every occasion. When I bought it I was using it all the time. Now I have a bigger selection of lip cosmetics so I stopped reaching for it so often, but I should start using it again.

DSC_0649 455

5. Highlighter/Illuminator – My Secret

Last but not least is the absolute hit, this highlighter in the warm shade was recommended by my colleague which is a makeup artist. During my last visit to Poland, I swatched the tester and I knew I should purchase this beauty. Although I cannot take it from the box and depot it into my pallet the price (16 PLN) and absolutely shining surface are on the huge plus for me 🙂


Poland has lots of cosmetics brands which are easily find in drugstore like Wibo, KOBO, Pierre Rene, My Secret, Lovely – they have also a very nice highlighter 🙂




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