Christmas gifts from Amsterdam

We are right now in a very hectic period – organizing and fulfilling presents’ list. Below you will find some special brands, which were born in Amsterdam and resemble each other in passion and following their dreams.

1. Leathercraft – Leatherlands

Leatherlands is one of my favourite brands, it represents everything I love: craft, passion, beautiful and minimalist design. All leather pieces are handmade from Italian leather and handstitched, which makes them more durable. The brand offers minimalist card holders, wallets, bracelets, and keyrings.

My TIP! Check their workshops, and make your favourite design by yourself. I’m going to make some leather piece for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift.

Come and visit the artisan standing behind Leatherlands during Funky Xmas edition of Sunday Market on 11th December in Westergasfabriek (Westerpark), Amsterdam.

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2. Minimalist watch – KANE Watches

KANE Watches’ design philosophy is based on two foundational pillars: the Dutch design heritage and the minimalist movement in Tokyo. Based on them they created a collection of timeless yet contemporary watches. What I liked in KANE Watches is their versatility, you don’t have to spend hours choosing your favourite watch, with this brand you choose a case and straps which can be easily removed and changed which makes them a perfect combination of fashion and functionality.

The brand aims mostly young men, but I love it too #boyfriendwatch.

Meet brand in person during Funky Xmas edition of Sunday Market on 11th December in Westergasfabriek (Westerpark), Amsterdam.

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3. Silver geometric jewellery – PERKA design

Last but not least; my jewellery.

I established PERKA design as the first step of realizing my dream of crafting minimal yet sophisticated and feminine jewellery and sharing my passion with others. What distinguishes my designs is their clean, geometric style and their finish with a delicate satin touch. Every necklace and bracelet are signed with the brand’s signature. I design and craft my jewellery in very limited collections.

Let me share my passion with you during Funky Xmas edition of Sunday Market on 11th December in Westergasfabriek (Westerpark), Amsterdam.






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