Don’t let the clients go – POS for small busineses

I love makers markets, they are full of people with positive energy: sellers, and customers. When I attend an event like that I receive some feedback about my product or my displays, or, just have a contact in person with potential clients. It’s a great opportunity, because who presents their pieces better than the designer. So let’s assume that you made a contact, the client loves your product, they are willing to pay (sometimes quite a lot, come on, it’s handcrafted piece), but she doesn’t have cash. The nearest ATM is 10 minutes from the market place. The client may go or may not, do you really want to take the risk?

A solution to this problem is a mobile POS (point of sale). I chose Swedish company – iZettle. I was lucky because I bought their newest stylish white machine, which has a soft touch. Ok, but looks is not everything, how does it work? The machine accepts payment both from chip cards and magnetic stripe cards. It connects with a smartphone or tablet by Bluetooth. To make a transaction you need the official app (Android or iOS) and connection to the Internet (3G, 4G, WiFi, etc…). The interface of the App and installation is super easy. The machine cost me about 23 euros, shipping included (I placed my order on Sunday evening and received on Friday afternoon). iZettle takes a fee per transaction and it varies depending on how many pieces you sell. It starts from 2,75% and drops to 1% within a month.
My machine’s model has a built-in little screen, which is an improvement over the previous model that lacked a screen, thanks to which, I can pass the machine to the client while managing the device on my phone, and the client will still see the amount of the transaction.
I’ve heard complaints about short battery life of the previous model. I guess, fortunately, they fixed this issue because the battery of my machine lasts all day without a recharge. Bluetooth works fine too. One thing which I noticed that requires improvement is that the language of the control panel of the webapp. I would be glad if I could choose English instead of having only the local language as a default; Google translate is not a perfect solution.
iZettle is available in these countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and Brazil.

* These are the prices valid in The Netherlands. For more specific information check the iZattle’s website of your country.


This is what you get with the machine
This is what you get with the machine: cable, instructions, stickers




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