Favourite and least favourite matte lipstics

About one year ago I didn’t know that matte lipsticks exist. Now I have a collection of different shades of them.

Let’s start from my favorite matte lipstick from Golden Rose nr 02.
It very delicate, feminine, warm and “dirty” pink which suits every type of beauty.  I use this shade during every photo shoot with a model and my jewelry. The formula of the lipstick is also very nice, it’s creamy, it doesn’t dry out the lips (for me it’s important because my lips are very dry) and it stays for a long time and goes away very evenly.



I can recommend also their red color 18 – which is a perfect red, a dupe of Red Russian from MAC.


The least favorite is shade Out Standing from ZOEVA
I bought this lipstick because I liked their packaging, I wanted to use it mostly for photos. And this probably is all  the good in this lipstick. I had problems with finding swatches of this shade on the internet (even when I used German in search), now I know why – nobody bought it before me. So I feel the responsibility to post the photos of real color of this shade. I know that on the official packshots it looks brown but on ZOEVA swatches, it looked like very dark purple, my desired color. They have only 6 shades of matte lipsticks and 2 of them look brown, is it not a waste of palette? I’m also not very happy with the tip of the lipstick, it’s very difficult to apply and precise makeup of dark lips is very crucial. I cannot say much about the formula, I didn’t wear it for a long time, but it doesn’t cover lips after one application, and the application feels “blunt”.


swaches_golden_rose_02_18_zovea_out_standing lipstick_zoeva_golden_rose_2




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