Handmade chocolates from Amsterdam

Chove – Chocolate love – are handmade, based on traditional Greek recipes pieces from heaven.

Behind the taste of this chocolates, stands Laura Kokkiadi, who perfectly blends the flavors into petit fours (called “glyka” in Greek).
Meeting Laura’s brand was the first time I saw handmade chocolate, I thought nobody does it anymore, boy was I wrong. It is the first time I tasted handmade, independent brand chocolates and I truly loved them, every bite was transporting me to a new level of a sweet experience.

In standard assortment Chove offers 10 flavors, I bought 5 of them. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate, though I tried before Chove’s BATONY and liked it (and I appreciate dark chocolate only from Läderach – my taste buds get posh sometimes).

Cchove3_baklavaHOCO BAKLAVA – dark cholate, phyllo dough, pistachios, and almonds. I was very curious about this chocolate because original baklava is one of my favorite desserts. And it was not a disappointment, although this petit four contains dark chocolate it’s for a reason, baklava is a very sweet dessert, and dark chocolate perfectly balances it.

Mchove5OUNTY milk – contains milk chocolate and almonds. For the first time in my life, I felt the taste of real milk in cholate.

FLOWY – dark chocolate, almond flakes, sugar, glucose syrup and honey. The same case as CHOCO BAKLAVA, a perfect combination of sweet and bitter.

Schove4WEETER – white chocolate, cranberries, and almonds. We know how white chocolate can be over sweet, in this case, it’s over-sweetness was broken by sour dried cranberries.

CRISPER – my favorite of them all. You need just one tiny bite to appreciate all the good, crispy, sweet, chocolate piece of heaven.

What I liked in these chocolates was that, while eating them I was always positively shocked by their taste. Although I knew what they consist of, I still couldn’t predict the taste, which is delicate, rich and hard to define. And this makes you remember them and to reach for more.

How to order? Go to Chove webshop, choose your favorite petit four, choose the size of the box and order to your home. Voilà! your perfect chocolate box will come to your doorstep in a couple of days. Besides a box full of chocolates you receive a small card where you can write, for example, a private note in case your chocolates are a gift for someone. One of the strong messages of the brand is “open and share”, I was smart enough to make the “share” part as less painful as possible – so I ordered at least 2 petit four per taste 😀


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