How do I make my jewelry

I posted a couple of recipes so far, but this one will be a little bit different, a recipe for a necklace.

Silver, chain, silver parts (clasp, loops)
Saw, hammer, file, sandpaper, blowtorch, soldering table, drill and drill bit, pliers

At first, I scratch a guideline on my silver sheet, then according to the line, I cut out the shape I want with a saw.

After this, I quickly prepare a metal plate: I file the edges and sand the surface.


Time for a pattern, before that I heat my metal plate to soften it. Thanks to this, the pattern shows up easier and the metal plate won’t crack. Consider it a bit like polymer clay. To make polymer clay more durable you have to work it in your hands to make it soft. This is the same when it comes to metals, I just use a blowtorch, which provides much higher temperature. After heating, I cool down the piece in water and the pickle it (if you want to more about this process read this blog post, posted on My piece is now ready for hammering.

Carefully I hit it with a special rounded hammer, to create desired pattern. Every hammer gives a different pattern at a different size. All depend on preferences of the maker. Hammering makes the metal plate tougher too.


When I’m done, I mark and then drill holes for attaching the chain. When I use drill I always use goggles, the safety of my eyes goes first! (this is shot captured through my goggles)


The last part is finishing. Sometimes it takes a 50% of the time I spent making the piece. I pay special attention to this process. I would like to make my piece to look neat yet handcrafted. My favorite way of finish is satin one. I obtain it by using a sand sponge or paper. This is an arduous part but rewarding with a beautiful final effect.


When the pendant is done I attach a chain, my signature plate with “P” (which stands for PERKA design), clasp and voilà, my handcrafted necklace is ready.

How do you like it?




You can purchase this necklace – mini-mal dots –  at my shop PERKA design


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