SEO basics: the power of links!

An effective way to boost your website rank in search results has to do with links. It’s no longer ONLY about the amount of links (which is still very important). There are a couple of other factors that Google takes into consideration while judging links leading to your site. Here they come:

  • The quality of the links. If a site which links to your page is considered as a spammy or low authority one, this link has lower value or may even result in a penalty (links from spammy websites). The best links are from well-known sites with big authority.
  • The relevance of the links, that is, if the other site that is connected to your site by links has a related subject to that of your site. For example, I run jewellery shop, so links from fashion magazines leading to my site are relevant therefore more important, but links from the website of NASA, not so much.
  • The placement of the link. If a link is placed on a sidebar of the page or in a footer, then it is considered less valuable or a paid link. Check my previous post where I go more in depth about paid links.
  • The best link is surrounded by text that is relevant to your site. For example, if there is an article about handcrafted jewellery and there is a link to the web page of my company (which sells handcrafted jewellery) in this text, this link is very valuable.
  • Anchor text is important too. Anchor text is the text which you use instead of URL and you place the link into this text. For example, instead of click here use text matching the surrounding context, like minimalist jewellery. Use this technique carefully and only when it sounds natural.
  • Reciprocal links which means when a site links to your site and your site links back. This may appear as a link exchange and may make both links invalid.


Based on course led by Rebekah May – Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals by University of California, Davis on

Graphic was based on icons made by Freepik from



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